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For centuries massage therapy has been used to treat a wide variety of physical conditions, in fact the benefits of massage are proven to include the treatment of chronic diseases and injuries as well as relieving stress and tension. 

The therapeutic benefits of massage do more than just relax the mind and body.  Massage provides specific physiological and psychological benefits, even more so with frequent, preventative therapy.
At WPW we have a great staff of licensed Massage Practitioners, that will handle a variety of conditions. Whether it is an injury rehabilitation or a Swedish relaxation massage, our staff will accommodate.
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$29.99 for a 
1-hour massage

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Our Healing Hands...
Jessica Olson, LMP
State License #MA60383814
Angela Weathers, LMP
State License # MA00013695
Anna Yarkovoy, LMP
State License #MA60419922
Chani Brooks, LMP
State License #MA60252812
Faye Maddox, LMP
State License #MA60351855